The worst name for a hair salon ever?

Today Lily got a whole bunch of new toys. This pile was filled with various items for a hair salon. “It’s time for me to do your hair,” she announced. She patted a pillow for me to sit by her. “I like your salon,” I told her, “what is it called?” “It’s the Charles Manson Hair Salon!” she brightened. Oh dear. Where the hell did she hear about Charles Manson?! “I am Charles Manson!” she announced, “and I don’t care what you do or say. I am going to cut your hair however I want!” Even though she is only three, I was completely terrified to go under the blade. As her mother, I wanted to support her, so I played along. And you know what? I got a very different hair cut than I was expecting, and for the first time in my life I didn’t care how my hair looked, I was just happy to be alive and hop out of the chair. “Tell all your friends!” Lily beamed. So if you want a haircut and a near-death experience, give us a call.



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4 responses to “The worst name for a hair salon ever?

  1. Anna Simons

    Oh wow. You are brave and it took me five minutes to stop laughing! 🙂 Remembered similar stories with my son. He is now 25.

  2. Love these. Keep the party going Lily!

    A friend of mine was staying over. A very funny guy. In the morning he came downstairs for coffee and said, “I look like Sheila Manson.” We both screamed because we ‘saw’ her (his fictional character). Then he said (as Sheila), “I told ya Charlie, you should have nevuh gawn into Bevuhly Hills!” We screamed again. xo

  3. This is a business opportunity for Lily, particularly now with Halloween coming up. When are you going to show before-and-after photos?

  4. Jennifer, this is superb content, I re-tweeted it, but do me a favor install Tweetmeme plugin to your wordpress site to make it easier, see what it looks like at, follow the link to any article and look at top right-hand-corner.
    (A friend of your husband who forwarded me this and has made me be giggling all morning)

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