My daughter’s first modeling job

My daughter Lily became an international model last week! She is modeling clothes for a clothing line called Wee People, which is made for fashion forward little girls. This is my favorite picture of her from the shoot.

At the photo shoot she was fascinated with the decor of the building, the huge naval ships we could see out the window, and the snacks. Though she had to sit for hair and make-up I was impressed that what most captivated her was all the particulars of what goes into creating the shoot. “It’s so much work!” she said.

When I told her she was chosen to be one of the models, I said “Lily you got the job!”

She replied, “Wow Mom. I didn’t know little kids could even have jobs! That’s so funny!”



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2 responses to “My daughter’s first modeling job

  1. Aubrie

    Yay Lily!
    Really, Jennifer… how awesome!


  2. Julianne Theodoropulos

    I’ve been enjoying the posts on your blog. Antonis is a week shy of 4 months, and is not yet talking, but he’s already providing me with similarly blogworthy moments. Thanks for the inspiration, and I’m thrilled for you; Lily’s a wonder…like her Mom!

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