A Passover Revelation

At the Seder yesterday, we were using a humanist, feminist Haggadah.
I explained to Lily that when we celebrate Passover it reminds us that people everywhere should be liberated and free. “We do this every year to remember how we were once slaves,” I told her. “And unfortunately, other people in the world still are,”
Lily cocked her head. “What are slaves?”
“People who don’t get to decide how they want to live their lives. They work for no money, and are treated badly.” Lily’s expression grew stormy and disturbed. Then she shifted gears, brightened, and looked at me.
“Mommy, I have an idea.”
“Yes, Lil?”
“This should be the last Passover ever. Everyone can be free, and no one has to be a slave anymore.”
All I could do was stare at her.
“Lil, that’s a fantastic idea.”
Wouldn’t that be the best?


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