Going in the wrong direction

Lily and I were walking home from a play date a block away. Still, we managed to get lost. Actually, we got lost on purpose. When we were almost home, Lily said, “Now you walk backwards in the wrong direction, and I will walk backwards in the opposite direction. Then when we realize we’re not in the right place, we can start again!” We did this, over and over and over. Each time we laughed and laughed when we realized we were in the wrong place.

I’ve been thinking that most of us spend a lot of time trying to “get it right,” but we were having a really great time intentionally “doing it wrong.”

I recall reading that a plane gets where it’s going by being off course 99% of the time and constantly correcting its trajectory. We learn by doing it wrong too. Imagine if we also enjoyed those missteps, the moments we drift off course?

Why not have fun with going in the wrong direction, and enjoying it for a change?


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One response to “Going in the wrong direction

  1. gabrielle hildebrand

    Hi Jennifer,

    I like that idea — intentionally doing it wrong to free yourself up (or for no good reason).

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