Fun Stories of my Four Year Old

I was trying to teach Lily how to get on her shoes the other day, but she didn’t seem interested.
“Don’t you want to learn how to do this?” I asked.
“I’m not really into learning Mom,” replied Lily. “I’m more into teaching.”


The other day I was talking to Lily about our relatives.
“The relatives on Mommy’s side of the family come from Russia and Austria. Do you remember the foreign country Daddy’s relatives came from a long time ago?”
She nodded vigorously and shouts, “New Jersey!”


People are often struck by Lily’s looks and they forecast trouble in my future.
Last night her babysitter said, “Watch out. Imagine when she’s fifteen, you’ll have to lock the door!”
To which Lily replied to the babysitter, “Watch out. Imagine when you’re sixty! We’ll have to shove you out the door!”



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3 responses to “Fun Stories of my Four Year Old

  1. Arthur Indenbaum

    your kids getting sharp I predict she’ll go from 11 to 17 in about 3 weeks, heads up…

  2. Terrence Fahy

    sweet and right on the money: just what the laughing therapists ordered thanks a million hope your summer is going well all the best terrence

  3. Love the first part. My girl (Maya) is a leader. And what that looks like at 8 years old is intolerant ranting, breaking all the rules all the time, difficulty remaining still ALWAYS. They call it ADHD (for real) but I see her as a fierce leader. We love watching that Beyonce number on the “Surprise Oprah” show. I TiVo’d it. I say, “Who runs the world?” and Maya replies: “Girls”

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