Are You Still Sad?

This weekend I hit a blue patch. Some twenty minutes later Lily asked me, “Are you still sad?”

I admitted I was and she said, “Well come over here to the love machine.”

What is the love machine?

Step one: Lily looks into my eyes and says, “I have such a pretty Mommy.” This makes me smile and tear up.

Step two: Lily goes off the bed head first, waiting for just the right moment, then freezes in a handstand, and farts in my direction.

Step three: Uncontrollable laughter.



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3 responses to “Are You Still Sad?

  1. Terrence Fahy

    it just keeps getting better doesn’t it my friend best to you and your family

  2. Love you Lily. Love you Jennifuh–“pffffft!” My SBD’s are the BEST–especially after fish oil, oh yeah!

  3. the little things in life that bolt us over by surprise are some of the most unforgettable precious moments that need to be remembered and placed in a special box.

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