Going Public with your work of art – Performance Tip

ImageMaybe you have been crafting a screenplay, re-writing a monologue or have composed an overture. All the while you have been nesting in the solitary space of your creative process. Now it is time to go public. Where can this be done? You may picture yourself at the Kennedy Center receiving an award 5 years from now, but at the moment, where can now begin to share your creative work?

I recommend sharing with those whose taste you admire, who can also be supportive. How much feedback are you comfortable with? Some level of discomfort is normal and essential when first sharing your work, but feeling in danger is not essential to be creative. Think about what would be a good balance between leaving your comfort zone and taking some risk? The feeling should make your heart beat faster, but make it so you can still be able to express and feel connected to yourself.

During my early days of creating original characters, I performed at a performance salon in someone’s home. I also performed in several coffee shops. Find a venue that feels supportive for the stage you are at. Then book a date and invite people you feel you can trust, who will provide feedback that is encouraging and recognizes your strengths. Before you know it, it will be official. You will have gone public with your creative work.


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