Establishing Your Artistic Style

I love artists: visual, musical, theatrical, cinematic. One of the things I like most about artists is drinking in their style.

Why does Tina Turner decide to go with shaggy hair? Why does Judd Apatow make movies steeped in adolescent humor? It’s their style! Style is all about making choices that make sense to you and expressing what pleases you. When you add up all those choices they become your style.

To discover your own style:

1. Observe and take note of artists you love. What do you appreciate about them? Is there something they do which you would like to adopt or adapt for yourself?

2. You may not notice your own style, because it is second nature to you. If so, consider what sort of feedback you often receive. My friend Kelly Hu, who starred in such movies as “The Scorpion King,” used to tell me I was so funny. I always told her I was just being me until one day I realized being funny is my style.

3. What feels like a yes to you? A yes is what you feel good about and it’s easy to move toward it. For instance do you want to wear a parka in a blizzard, or like me do you choose a vintage tiger striped coat which literally stops traffic? My coat is a big yes for me. When you follow your inner yeses you will begin to create and collect aspects of your style.

Everything you do is an opportunity to trot out your style. All you need to do is take it.


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