Acting is Doing

Anyone who has ever acted knows that Acting is Doing. People sometimes think that they need to be in a certain mood in order to act. They don’t. One of the secrets to acting is that it’s all about doing. Actors have to make a choice and then just do it. It has to be a doable choice which is stated in a proactive, positive fashion. For instance, sometimes I watch coaching clients struggle to figure something out. They say “Well, I don’t want more of that experience.” They have said what they don’t want, instead of what they do, and as a result they end up with an unpalatable experience. To illustrate how they are boxing themselves in, I usually ask them to “not sit down.” This baffles them. What should they do? Then I say sit down, and they can do that, because it is doable, positive, and measurable. In acting this makes for a great performance. In life, it makes for a cleaner and clearer opportunity to manifest what we actually want.

What do you want?

What will you do to invite or allow it?



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