Celebrating Lily

I am feeling really fortunate. My daughter, Lily, is 5 today.

Some people who’ve known me a while say, “Wow! That went fast.”

But I don’t experience her growing up as having been fast. I experience it as instances and moments from our 1,825 days together. There’ve been some tough moments, lots of exhaustion and exhilaration, and many experiences she and I have shared. I remember her first keyboard pounding concert at 5 months of age, her first word, her first step, her first successful time on the potty, the first friend she made on her own. I experience Lily as complete and perfect as she is. I see her as a great party waiting to happen which often does.

Two days ago she was involved in a fight at school. Her teacher told me that Lily stayed engaged with her friends and worked out the disagreement until they all worked out the problem.

“Lily has something so special inside her, that I wish everyone had,” her teacher told me. “She’s a peacemaker and she cares, but she’s honest too.”

How do I begin to measure the magic of my child? Well, I guess we will celebrate her turning 5, which is just an excuse to appreciate the beauty I get to love everyday anyway.


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One response to “Celebrating Lily

  1. Peggy

    Of course she stayed engaged, she’s YOUR daughter! How wonderful that her teacher celebrate her as well, and values her contributions to the class. A special week for all of you.

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