“Big Ships Sail In On Smooth Waters”

One of my most successful and talented actress friends, Tembi Locke, used to say this amazing phrase every so often when things were challenging for us as actresses living and auditioning in New York City. I often think of it. Sometimes it seems like we are making no progress at all, like nothing is happening. That is precisely when it is good to appreciate the calm, the silence.

You may also want to imagine the phrase “wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could experience….?” Use the quiet patch to plant a wish, hope, a feeling of magic. The best manifestations spring out of the energy of no attachment. So, as an experiment, even if you don’t believe something good is coming back to you, try floating your intention out there and see if something magnificent comes back. Why not give it a try?

I look forward to hearing what you create.


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One response to ““Big Ships Sail In On Smooth Waters”

  1. Thank you for the reminder. I like that phrase. Thanks.

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