New Year’s Resolution

My 6 year old daughter Lily and I were sick all last week. We caught the bug from my granddaughter who attends pre-school, or as I like to refer to it, the petri dish. We got sick of being sick inside so we ventured out to Whole Foods to infuse ourselves with the illusion of well-being.

We spied an employee dishing out cupcakes, and as Lily dipped into the chocolate raspberry confection the woman, Joy, explained. “My New Year’s resolution is to have no meat!”

I told her, “I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.”

Lily confided “My mommy has been a vegetarian for 28 years.”

I shared some tips for how to keep meat free and Joy was delighted.

That night I declared I was done being sick. It had been an excruciating week.

“Is that your New Year’s resolution?” Lily asked.

“You mean like Joy’s is no meat and mine is not getting sick?”

She nodded. Smiling knowingly that she’d somehow gotten me to make a resolution after all.


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