Linda Grace


“So when did you break your tailbone?” Linda asks while palpating the lowermost reaches of my spine.  I flash to a possible moment, more than twenty years earlier when I’d fallen down a steep flight of steps in Amsterdam.  The pain at the time had been excruciating, but my parents tend to err on the conservative side when it comes to physical discomfort, so they didn’t take me to a doctor.  It wasn’t personal though. My Dad once shrugged off a bad cold for weeks, only to finally realize it was pneumonia. No one in my family ever realized that I’d broken my tailbone. Now it all made sense.

Linda Grace is my Rolfer. I have a long history of both practicing and patronizing the healing arts. I have been to brilliant massage therapists, chiropractors and shiatsu masters, but Linda has provided the most singular and reliable remedy for anything my family or I have ever thrown at her.

When my husband overdid it exercising and rest did nothing to resolve the anguish of his lower back, Linda even came to our home.  She asked him to walk around. When he howled as he tried to move, she stated matter-of-factly “I’m not touchin’ that.”  She recommended consulting orthopedic doctors, predicting (correctly) that it would heal on its own if given at least 7 weeks.  As she left, knowing how driven my husband is and that rest would be his best prescription she looked me in the eye and said “Good luck keepin’ him down.”

When our daughter, Lily, was tiny we decided to have Linda Grace work on her.  Linda would hold the infant patient, cradling her head to coax her neck to release tension, or working the insteps of her feet to give her greater mobility. There was nothing wrong with Lily but the transition to life from the womb can be a challenge for any of us and Lily benefitted from the magical touch. Thanks to Linda, with each visit there was more and more that was right.

I have referred countless friends and coaching clients to Linda. Whoever follows her advice sees amazing results. My friend had an issue with her sciatic nerve which cortisone shots and physical therapy would not resolve. After just 2 sessions with Linda she was completely healed. I am not overstating Linda’s powers.

Last month I was somewhat immobilized by a few false moves at yoga on Monday. Linda had me lay on my side. She worked around the iliac crest, attended to where my thoracic and lumbar spine meet, and completed the session by applying pressure and then friction to one of the insertion points for my psoas muscle. With her hand firmly inside my upper thigh I asked if she ever tried this move with anyone on the first date. “No, and with some people I wouldn’t ever dare to do it at all!”

Being the primary caregiver plus being a full time life coach and one-woman show, it’s hard for me to call out sick. Many of my responsibilities can not be done by someone else. Linda gives me back my time, my well-being, and best of all my self, so I can accomplish what needs to be done and go on with my life.

My profound gratitude for the incredible Linda Grace!!!!


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4 responses to “Linda Grace

  1. Marge Blaine

    Looks good. Hope Linda Grace gets to see it. M

  2. LInda has a gift, in only one session the results were almost instant.

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