How To Get Your Ideal Job


“Want to go out for a coffee?” a member of my yoga class asked after class one day.  “I’d like to discuss your one-woman show which I saw last weekend.” I was thrilled, of course, and agreed. To get acquainted, we discussed our favorite foreign films, particularly Pedro Almodovar.  Then we shifted gears to discussing my show, particularly one of the characters, Caroline Casey, who advocates for the rights of the disabled. He told me it inspired him to enter a contest designed to create an app to make it easier for disabled people to use public transportation around Philadelphia. “Would you believe that all the stops in center city are not necessarily wheelchair-accessible?” he asked. “With my app a person can know which stops are good ones to use because they are wheelchair accessible.” James was a fascinating thinker and unlike most conversations which start with the generic question “What do you do?” I finally got around to asking him that at the end of the hour.

“I’m between jobs” he told me, wistfully, “but I am ready to start working again. My last job was too consuming, and I have intentionally taken time off to reboot.”

“Can I give you some coaching for how to manifest your ideal job?” I asked. He nodded enthusiastically.

First I needed to decipher what sort of work he was accustomed to and the kind of job he wanted to create at this point in his career. He was clear about his goals which was a good start.

“Now all you need to do is write the following question I am going to share with you. You write it ten times a day for 21 days,” I told him “The affirmation is based on a similar one by the amazing Louise Hay, the author of “You Can Heal Your Life.” She is a self-help writer and is often considered the spiritual grandmother of today’s self-help authors.  Here is the affirmation: Why is it so easy for me to have a wonderful new position, one that uses all my talents and abilities, and allows me to express creatively in ways that are fulfilling to me. I work with and for people whom I love, and who love and respect me, in a wonderful location and earning great money?”

“Why 10 times a day for 21 days?” he asked.

“It takes that long for the mind to be able to recognize something which is actually already here. There was a study conducted on patients who had a deformity corrected on their faces. After the surgery they still believed they had the deformity. It took them three weeks before they could actually see their faces as they were. That is how the mind works. It takes us 21 days to be able to see clearly. In your case what you desire.”

“Why do you write it as a question?”

“Because our rational mind will debate with us whether or not something is possible. It doesn’t matter whether we genuinely want to have a great new job. If our affirmation is phrased as a statement, our critical mind will point out that it isn’t here yet, that we are affirming something that is in fact not true.  If we phrase it as a question, however, our unconscious goes to work on our own behalf, looking for ways to answer the question.”

“Why is it phrased ‘Why is it so easy…’?”

“Because when choosing whether we want something to be difficult or easy, might as well have it be easy.”

So my friend went and did this as directed. He manifested a job offer in two weeks! He was then offered an even better one soon after that! I believe that is the one he accepted. He really loves his new job. The only problem is due to his schedule change I never get to see him in my favorite yoga class or for a tea afterward anymore. I guess now I have to work on manifesting that.

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